Social media ads are very useful if you are looking to connect new targeted prospects.

It’s hard to shift from an organic lead generating process to spend real money on ads. Whether y’all like it or not, organic reach is very difficult and harder to achieve. 

There are many types of social media ads like Photo ads, Video ads, Stories ads, Carousel ads, Slideshow ads, Collection ads, Messenger ads, & many more. LinkedIn

Before spending hard-earned money on any type ads. One should be clear about the purpose of the advertisement, and also invest little time in research to identify, what type of ads and social platform is more suitable to promote the product and services offered.

Advertising is available on all of the main social media platforms. That isn’t to say you should employ all of them.

It’s also useful to know which networks are most popular with your target demographic when deciding where to position your advertising. Where is your target audience the most engaged, focused, and reachable?


Is it aimed at Professionals? They may be found on LinkedIn. Teenagers, on the other hand, adore  Instagram.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising may assist your company with three sorts of marketing goals:

  • Make your company or brand more well-known.

  • Drive traffic to your website, improve interaction, or encourage people to watch videos.

  • Collect leads and increase conversions on your website.

IT is far more business-oriented than the other social media platforms mentioned in this article.

What distinguishes LinkedIn from other marketing platforms?

It’s goal is to make professional networking easier in a social media setting. It’s possible that you’re under the notion that it’s mostly aimed at B2B professionals, which is basically correct.

You’ll find a far more diversified mix of people from various career backgrounds if you explore LinkedIn Groups like Actors, singer-songwriters, IT companies, gym-yoga teachers, Etc.

While the emphasis is clearly on B2B, don’t overlook it if you don’t serve those industries. See for yourself who uses the platform.


There are a variety of LinkedIn ad kinds to select from.

Sponsored Content

On both desktop and mobile, Sponsored Content adverts display in the news stream. They’re utilized to get your content in front of more people and to demonstrate your brand’s skills. With LinkedIn content marketing, you can reach out to people with a professional attitude. Run native advertisements to develop a ready-to-do-business audience.

Sponsored content advertising on LinkedIn might take the form of photos, videos, or carousel advertisements.

Sponcored content on LinkedIn

What you can do with Sponsored Content?

Capture attention in the feed– Engage your target audience of millions of professionals where they spend the majority of their time.

Accomplish all objectives- This format can do it all, whether you want to raise brand recognition or generate leads for your company.

Gain insight into your impact-Analyze the performance of your campaign and learn about the demographics of your intended audience.

Video ads

Video advertisements are a type of Sponsored Content ad that appears in the LinkedIn feed. You can use videos from your LinkedIn Page to sponsor articles, or you can create new video advertisements in Campaign Manager.

 Video ads created within Campaign Manager are known as Direct Sponsored Content.

Video can help you achieve the following goals:

 • Brand Awareness (tell people about your brand through impression-based campaigns)

 • Consideration (get people to click to find out more about your brand)

 • Conversion (drive leads and actions important on your own website)

To create a video ad campaign, you’ll need:

  • The ad account must have access to Campaign Manager or higher.

  • LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page connected with your ad account.

  • Access to the LinkedIn Page as a super admin, content admin, or sponsored content poster.

NoteIn your video advertisements, only Page supers and content admins have the authority to deactivate, delete, or react to comments.

Below is an example of  video ads

Design Recommendations

Video File Type: MP4

Video Sound Format: AAC or MPEG4

Recommended frame rate: 30 frames per second

Custom Thumbnail: Optional but recommended


16:9 (landscape; 1.78) 1:1 (square; 1.0) 9:16 (vertical; 0.57)

Text Recommendations

Ad name (optional): 255 characters

Headline: 70 characters

Introductory text: 150 characters

Technical Requirements

Video File Size: 75 KB (min) – 200 MB (max)

Video Duration: 3 seconds – 30 minutes

Video Captions (optional): Video sound file size less than 64 kHz


Event Ads

LinkedIn Events provide you with the ability to bring your professional community together in a secure, real-time setting. You can pick any topic that resonates with your prospects. Create an event on LinkedIn to generate a native landing page with a unique URL for promotion.

How event ads can help you?

Bring your event to the attention of the appropriate professionals.– Promote your LinkedIn Event to the appropriate professionals, such as decision-makers and practitioners.

Encourage more people to sign up for your event.-Get your target audience’s attention as they go through their LinkedIn stream with a structure that includes all of the event information they want, such as date, time, and location to sign-up.

Assess and demonstrate the event’s impact.– Find out how many people saw or clicked your ad and then signed up for your event.

Below Image is an example of  Event ads:

Design Recommendations

Image Ratio: 4:1 (the image will be pulled from the Event page)

Text Recommendations

Event name (optional): 255 characters

Introductory text:  600 characters

Carousel Ads

On LinkedIn, carousel advertisements allow you to build an interactive tale that motivates your target audience to take action. Make the most of your campaigns by following these guidelines for determining your goal, producing compelling content, and demonstrating the value of your carousel advertising.

 Main objective: Brand recognition, website visits, engagement, website conversions, and lead generation. 

Below Image is an example of  carousel Ads:

Design Recommendations

File Type: JPG or PNG

Ratio: 1:1

Recommended Resolution: at least 1080 x 1080 pixels

Text Recommendations

Ad name (optional): 255 characters

Card headline: 745 characters

Introductory text: 255 characters

Technical Requirements

Number of carousel cards: 2-10

Maximum File Size: 10 MB

Dynamic Ads


Dynamic Advertisements let you engage prospects with right-rail ads that are automatically customized for each user depending on their profile.

Don’t be hesitant to come up close and personal! You may professionally and directly approach people to inspire them to follow you, read your powerful content pieces, apply for opportunities, or download material.


Note: Each member on LinkedIn only sees their unique information; member profile information is not visible to other users. Members can also choose not to have their profile information used to customize advertising.

The Dynamic Ads family includes numerous ad formats

1. Follower Ads

Members will be more likely to follow your LinkedIn Page or Portfolio Page if you place follower advertising on it. These dynamic advertisements are personalized for each member since they include their profile photo alongside your brand, as well as their initial name and company name in the ad content.

Below is an example of follower Ads

Design Recommendations

Company Logo Size: 100x100px

Company Logo File Type: JPG or PNG

Company Logo File Size: 2MB

Text Recommendations

Headline: 50 characters

Description: 70 characters


Company Name: 25 characters 

2. Spotlight Ads

Users of LinkedIn will be directed to your website or landing page as soon as they hit on your spotlight ad. These dynamic ads are personalized for each user based on information from their LinkedIn profile, such as their profile image, company name, and job description.

Below is an example of  Spotlight Ads

Design Recommendations

Company Logo Size: 100 x 100 pixels

Company Logo File Type: JPG or PNG

Company Logo File Size: 2 MB

Background Image File Type (optional): JPG or PNG

Background Image Dimensions (optional): 300 x 250 pixels

Background Image File Size (optional): 2 MB

Text Recommendations

Headline: 50 characters

Description: 70 characters

Company Name: 25 characters

Call-to-Action: 18 characters

3. Job Ads

Job advertisements are tailored to your target audience and promote one or more job openings to qualified LinkedIn users. The following sorts of advertisements are created dynamically. Jobs You Might Be Interested In, Picture Yourself, and the Jobs Page are all useful resources.


Below is an example of Job Ads

Text Ads

Text Ads are the most efficient method to get your company in front of the world’s greatest professional network.

Text Ads are a self-service ad type that allows you to quickly develop, manage, and optimize bespoke campaigns on the world’s biggest professional network. You can target a premium professional audience with it and get high-quality leads for your business on a budget that works for you.

As small ad units, text advertising appears at the top and right of the LinkedIn news feed. They’re only visible on desktop computers, not on mobile devices.

Considering that boosting lead generation is one of the top digital marketing goals for 58 percent of marketers, LinkedIn Text Ads can be a cost-effective method to cast a wide net.


Below is an example of Text Ads

Design Recommendations

Logo File Type: JPG or PNG

Logo File Size: 2MB

Logo image dimensions: 100×100 pixels

Text Recommendations

Headline: 25 characters

Description: 75 characters


Sponsored InMail / Message Ads

Sponsored InMail / Message Ads works similarly to email marketing, except the messages are delivered straight to users’ LinkedIn inboxes. 

Sponsored InMail / Message Ads are native adverts that appear in the LinkedIn Messaging inbox of targeted LinkedIn members. A single call-to-action button appears on all message advertising. Because Sponsored InMail / Message Ads can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices, make sure your content is mobile-friendly.

Note:  Once you’ve created a Sponsored Messaging ad, you’ll have the option of sending yourself a test message to preview how the ad will display to members of your target audience.


What can message Ads Help You With?

Deliver a targeted message with a single CTA(Call to Action)

Without worrying about character restrictions, you may communicate with your prospects. You may also include a Lead Gen Form in your message to gather leads from LinkedIn directly.

Boost engagement and response rates compared to typical emails.

So that your brand stands out, messages are presented in an uncluttered atmosphere. A message ad is opened by more than one out of every two prospects.

Analyze the effectiveness of your messages.

With demographic reporting, you can see which roles at which companies are responding to your message ad. With LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, you can track conversions from people who saw and clicked on your message ads.


Below is an example of Sponsored InMail / Message Ads

Design Recommendations

Banner File Type (optional) : JPG or PNG

Banner Image Size (optional): 300 x 250 pixels

Banner Image File Size (optional): 2MB

Sender Image: We will use the LinkedIn profile image of designated sender

Text Recommendations

Ad name (optional): 50 characters

Message Subject: 60 characters

Message Text: 1500 characters

Custom Footer: 2500 characters

Call-to-Action: 20 characters


 I have tried  to cover-up almost all Important types of LinkedIn Ads.
As we all know, almost everyone on LinkedIn is a professional. LinkedIn can help you promote your Business so that it reaches the to the right audience . All you have to do now is to figure out what kind of advertisement will assist you acquire the right leads for your business.

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