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After launching your E-commerce store successfully, there’s one aspect that needs constant addressing. Augmented Reality in E-commerce Business is one factor that boosts your sales is ‘upgradation.’ 

How to upgrade? The simple answer to this question is – by using technology. Yet, the type of technology that you should use as an eCommerce business is of utmost importance.

With a market size of USD 9.5 billion, augmented reality (AR) is the ‘new trend’ that you can leverage as an online seller. 

So, why AR and how to integrate this tech in your eCommerce store?  Find out in this article.

Reason to Use AR in E-commerce

What does AR do in simple words? 

It makes the products on your eCommerce site visually appealing by offering a nearly realistic feel to consumers. The results are as follows:

  • Increase in Consumer Engagement
  • Effective Visualization 
  • Immersive Experience
  • Facilitates Buying Decisions

How to Integrate AR?

Here are four ways to implement AR technology in your eCommerce business:

1. Create Customized 3D Models

An AR 3D model enables customers to understand each product and its features interactively. For instance, a buyer can open the door of a car and get a semi-realistic feel of the model.

You can implement such digital technology for different products. For example, an electronics eCommerce store can enable AR-based laptop models.

You can implement such digital technology for different products. For example, an electronics eCommerce store can enable AR-based laptop models.

2. Embed Virtual Demos

You can integrate virtual demos of fashion items like sunglasses, apparel, or shoes. So, customers can get an online feel of trying such things.

Virtual demos can help visualize the appearance of fashion products on a person. Thus, such an AR integration can boost customer engagement.

3. Virtual Item Placement

If you have furniture items in your store, why not let users place them in their houses? AR solutions can enable the smartphone camera to help users decide the suitability of physical items.

So, embed this feature and observe how users fall in awe of the hi-tech feel.

4. Interactive Instructions

An AR-based ecommerce app allows users to read animated instructions of a product. You can use such features to explain the functions of different parts of a product excitingly.

This way, buyers won’t need to read boring instruction manuals or size charts while buying a product online.

Biggest Benefits of AR in E-commerce

After deciding the type of integration as per your ecommerce store’s needs, you should aim at maintaining and improving the experience. As a result, you will gradually notice the following benefits.

1. Increase in Sales

The famous brand L’Oréal improved its online sales by a significant margin of 13.5% over nine months.

How did they do this? By integrating augmented reality in their array of digital services. 

The trick for improving your sales is to create AR enhancements that match your products.

2. Building Brand Reputation

As a marketer or entrepreneur, you always need to be on your toes. A company that modifies its services by implementing cutting-edge technology portrays a dynamic image.

Augmented reality is easily accessible through smartphones. Hence, ecommerce businesses leveraging this tech stand out in the competitive market.

As a result, your brand reputation grows strong, improving conversion rates.

3. Happier Consumer Base

Lead conversion, increase in engagement, and driving sales are vital aspects of your e-commerce business.

Yet, the apparent factor behind all these terms is a happy customer. Using AR solutions to ease consumers’ online experience will satisfy your customer base.


As a result, such customers will recommend your ecommerce business to their contacts. With people prioritizing ease in online shopping, AR has the potential to keep your consumers happy.  


Companies like IKEA, WANNABY, and Warby Parker have integrated AR. It’s time for you to use these solutions and gain a competitive edge in the eCommerce market.

So, follow the four ways of AR integration and notice the difference in consumer satisfaction and sales. 


The Future of AR

Augmented reality technology has proven to be one of the most successful breakthroughs, allowing businesses all over the world to expand into new markets. According to analysts, the AR industry would be worth $198 billion by 2025. The number of people using mobile AR is estimated to exceed 3.5 billion this year.

With such a wide market to tap into, offering augmented reality experiences may be a competitive advantage in a variety of businesses. The advancement of technology will also allow for increased working efficiency.

 Click here to learn more about Augmented Reality technology.

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