Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

The use of augmented reality (AR) technology is revolutionizing e-commerce. Real-time 3D models allow customers to interact with products in a way that is more dynamic and interesting than with static images or videos. By enabling shoppers to view products from every angle, learn more about them, and even picture how they might look in their own area, augmented reality (AR) may offer a customized buying experience.

AR is becoming more available and well-liked among organizations of all sizes as more consumers use smartphones and tablets. AR is being used by e-commerce businesses to set themselves apart from rivals and give customers a distinctive and engaging buying experience.

Product Visualization with Augmented Reality

One of the most intriguing AR applications in business is product visualization. AR may be used to generate 3D product representations that allow customers to see things from every aspect. This is especially useful for products that are difficult to display in a traditional 2D product listing.

AR product visualization is a highly effective technology that can help businesses in a variety of ways. AR may enhance sales, customer happiness, and loyalty by making the customer experience more engaging and memorable. 

Benefits of Product Visualization with Augmented Reality

Benefits of product AR visualization

Improved Product Understanding with Augmented Reality

Customers can use AR to view products in 3D, which can help them better understand the product, its features, and its benefits. This can lead to increased involvement and revenue. Customers may be able to see how the product works in real-time, which may have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

For example,

augmented reality technology can show users how a piece of furniture might look in their living room by superimposing a 3D model of the furniture over a live image of their living room. Customers can then consider how the furniture will appear in their home, how it will fit in with their other furniture, and how it would match their decor.

Reduced Returns with Augmented Reality

Reduced Returns with Augmented Reality​

One of the biggest challenges that e-commerce businesses face is dealing with returns. Product visualization with AR can help reduce the likelihood of returns by providing customers with a more accurate view of the product before they make a purchase.
ustomers can see how the product looks and works in real time, which can significantly reduce the chances of returns. This can be especially useful for products that are difficult to showcase in a traditional 2D product listing.

Increased Customer Satisfaction with Augmented Reality

AR can create a more engaging and memorable customer experience by allowing customers to see the product in 3D and interact with it virtually. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, which is a significant factor in customer retention and loyalty.

Customers can use AR product visualization and, see how they look and feel, and make more informed purchasing decisions.

augmented reality

 This can create a more personalized, interactive, and engaging shopping experience for customers, which can lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Product Differentiation with Augmented Reality

AR plugin in website can help businesses differentiate their products from those of competitors by creating a unique selling proposition and driving sales. Customers can see how the product looks and works in real-time, which can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.

The AR Model Viewer Premium WordPress plugin from BitBute allows businesses and individuals to showcase their products and services through a unique and engaging augmented reality experience.

 The plugin is available in both free version and premium version, with the latter including the ability to display 3D models in.glb or.gltf formats, support for iOS model upload with AR Quick Look in Safari, and the ability to display a poster image while models load, set a skybox background image for added realism, and regulate scaling behaviour in AR mode. 

Users can generate different variants of a 3D model with varied materials, textures, and colors, and upload models to most WordPress website builders using shortcodes.

Here are the features of the AR Model Viewer Premium.


Allows you to build several copies of a 3D model using different materials with varied textures and colors, or an altogether other 3D model.
Give your customers a variety of options for your product.
Use any picture file format for the texture and.glb or.gltf file format for the 3D model.
Use the Material, Color, and Variant 3D model (optional) choices to create variants.


 The shortcode function allows you to add a 3D model to your website with practically any WordPress website builder that supports short codes.

How Do I Make Use of the Shortcode Feature?
The “ar_model_viewer” shortcode is required to use the AR Model Viewer shortcode. Here’s an example of how to put it to use:

<div class="ar-model-contents">
                            style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; --poster-color:transparent; min-width:350px; min-height:350px ; margin:0 auto"
                            ar-modes="webxr scene-viewer quick-look" 
							 src=”” ios-src=”” poster=”” auto-rotate=true skybox-image=”” ar-placement=”floor” ar-scale=auto

AR Placement

The plugin allows you choose whether to position the object in AR on the floor (horizontal surface) or a wall (vertical surface).
Gives the user more control over the AR experience.
The available alternatives for this attribute are “floor” and “wall,” with “floor” being the default.

Skybox Background Image

Take the URL of an equirectangular projection image that is used for the skybox to set an image as the background for the web view.
gives your AR experience an additional element of realism.
.jpg,.png, and.hdr are suggested file extensions for this property.

Auto Rotate 3D Model

Enables the auto-rotation of the 3D Model.
Provides the user with a complete view of the product.
Perfect for showcasing your products from all angles.

Scaling AR Lock

affects how scaling is handled in AR mode.
Select between “fixed” and “auto” scaling options.
While the “fixed” option stops the model from scaling, the “auto” option lets the user to pinch-resize the model.
“Auto” is the default selection.


The BitBute’s AR  Model Viewer Premium a WordPress plugin provides a variety of features that allow businesses or individuals to exhibit their products or services on their website or mobile app in an engaging and novel manner. 

The plugin provides a full solution for incorporating AR technology into their online presence by allowing users to upload 3D models in multiple file formats, build versions with varied materials, textures, and colors, and pick between several AR placement and scaling choices. Furthermore, the shortcode feature makes it simple to add 3D models to websites, as practically all WordPress website builders that support the inclusion of shortcodes offer this capability. 

Overall, the BitBute’s AR Model Viewer plugin is a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their online presence and provide users with an engaging and immersive experience.

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