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3D Modelling

Bring your product closer to customers by transforming them into 3D

3D Model creation process

This is the process we follow to deliver a quality 3D model to you

1. Sample Product & Images

We ask for a sample physical object or images from all the different angles. For a good model, coverage from all sides are required.

2. 3D Model Creation

Our team uses their experience to build a high quality 3D model for your products

3. 3D Model Finalization

Once the model is ready, you can use it with our AR model viewer to embed the model on your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To showcase your product in Augmented Reality or to see it in the 3D Viewer, you need to have a 3D model of your product.

Any eCommerce or marketing manager who wants to drive customer engagement with their product.

Product name, high-quality images from various angles, high-quality image of the product surface, color information, any kind of 3D or CAD files: .3ds, .fbx, .stp, .igs or .iges, .3dm, .sldprt, product measurements, product URL.

As many as you need to give us an understanding of your product.

1 round of iteration is included in the 3D production process. We are happy to moderate a model further for an extra charge.

Depending on product complexity, prices start from 179 USD.

Any kind of product. From a jacket to interior design item, we have experience creating various types of items in 3D.

No, returns are not made after the product samples were sent to Bitbute.