AR Business Card

AR Business Card

Transform your old business card into an AR Business card for as low as $ 5.99*

AR Business Card

Feature Rich

Physical Card Tracking

The AR card can detect your physical card and place itself on top of it

Social Links

Add links to your social media profiles that users can simply tap on.

No app required

No need to install any app for AR view. Works directly on your smartphone browser

Add your Avatar

Add your 3D avatar which can talk, walk and provide additional information.

Video Player

Give people a quick overview of what you do and how you can help them.

External Links

Add links to navigate to call, whatsapp or your website.

AR Business Card

Dazzle your clients by showcasing your featured items directly on your business card. For a list of features, please check out the above section. To see how it works, please checkout this demo video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AR business card is an AR experience that brings people additional information about you that would be impossible to fit into your business card. The AR experience can be accessed by scanning a QR code printed onto your business card.

Your AR business card is a sort of virtual ad for yourself, including additional content such as images, video, social links and more.


AR business cards work in the following way:

  1. You scan the QR code on your business card using your phone camera or QR code reader app.
  2. Your phone camera visualises your business card position and location
  3. AR content appears hovering over the card
  4. You are now able to interact with this content by tapping on your screen or by moving your physical business card around.

No, the majority of smartphone camera apps are able to scan QR codes, which will trigger the AR experience in the mobile browser. You don’t need to download any other apps to access this.

You will receive your updated business card image and QR code image within 2 working days.

If you are not happy with your AR business card, we will be happy to process any refund requests submitted within 14 working days. Just drop us an email on

Bitbute won’t be able to refund any costs incurred by printing the business cards, should you not be happy with the AR experience.

AR business cards are supported on iOS devices starting from iPhone SE and iPad (5th generation), as well as Android devices that support Android 7.0 or later.

Not all business card designs are ideal for AR technology. To ensure that your AR business card works well, please ensure that the design:

  • Uses a photograph or a design rather than a plain colour.
  • Has a good contrast, with bright and dark regions.
  • Doesn’t contain repetitive patterns and avoids symmetry.
  • Is evenly spaced out across the business card, with no blank areas.