Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Extending reality. Being future ready

Why Us

Led by the software veterans, our team has the required skill-set to bring the latest and innovative solutions to your problems. 

Along with technical expertise, we also help our clients with business strategies, growth and expansion.

Technology Expertise​

Building apps having capabilities such as Geolocation tracking, Marker(less) tracking, Occlusions, body tracking etc.

3d and AR model tools

Development Process

How can AR help your business?


Using WebAR capabilities, e-commerce websites can provide a 3D view of their products.
Moreover, customers can place their products in the real-world and make a decision on the purchase. This will result in higher conversion rates and lower returns.  Watch the commercial advertising by Amazon.

We have built a similar solution for one of our clients
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Remote Assistance

Remote assistance will benefit a lot from Augmented reality. This will help technicians and experts to provide remote help for machines for quick diagnostics and repairs. Vuforia (owned by PTC) has created Vuforia Chalk to display this use case. 


Using Augmented Reality Education can be taken to the next level. The avatars or objects can come out of the book and provide a learning experience like never before.

Our Portfolio

Sholo Guti

Sholo Guti 16

AR based game Sholo Guti 16

AR Model Viewer

A Word Press Plugin

AR Real Golf (Hole Intelligence )

An AR real Golf Game.

AR Real Golf (Hole Intelligence )

An AR real Golf Game.

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Designer & Vendors Maketplace for Customized Products

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