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Sholo Guti

AR Board Game – How to build AR App in Flutter

AR Board Game This blog post explains certain components that are required to build an AR Board Game in Flutter for the iOS platform. Why Flutter Flutter has become one of the most popular choices for mobile app development that … Read More

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Easy Steps to Make Website on WordPress

So you want to start writing a blog on your own website or want to open an online store or business website for your business to grow online and you’ve decided to use WordPress to help you do it. That’s … Read More

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Outsourcing IT Operations

Outsourcing IT department refers to the utilisation of third-party service providers to supply IT-enabled business operations, application services, and infrastructure solutions that help companies accomplish their goals. This involves Web services, SaaS., and cloud-enabled outsourcing, assists clients in developing the … Read More

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LinkedIn Ads

Social media ads are very useful if you are looking to connect new targeted prospects. It’s hard to shift from an organic lead generating process to spend real money on ads. Whether y’all like it or not, organic reach is … Read More

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Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Requirements Traceablity Matrix

When I was told that I needed to create a Requirements Traceability Matrix, the first thing that sprang to mind was how I should go about doing so. There is a difference between having theoretical knowledge and really putting it … Read More

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Social Media and Lead Generation

Why Social Media? In today’s world, a maximum number of internet users are on social media. They use it daily contributing huge amounts of data to the platforms. This data is very much important for social media lead generation. Businesses … Read More

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Top Common Mistakes in JavaScript

Working with industry veterans and beginners, I decided to share some of the most common mistakes made in JavaScript. Using Global Variables The road to programming hell is paved with global variables,― Steve McConnell, Code Complete Using global variables is considered bad … Read More

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Guidelines to writing robust and maintainable software

Writing good software is often more challenging than new developers think. It is not always clear what to keep in mind when writing a code. There are also few common issues that I have found new developers making in my … Read More

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Migrating WordPress from GoDaddy to Digital Ocean

Step by Step guide to migrate your WordPress or Woocommerce website from GoDaddy to DigitalOcean Hosting Provider. Before we begin with the guide, lets us review why we needed a new hosting provider for our websites. When a new business … Read More

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Monty Hall Probability Simulation

Monty Hall Probability Simulation over N number of iterations … Read More

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