What to Consider Before Designing 3D Models for AR

Realistic, immersive, and engaging. These words are suitable to define what 3D content for augmented reality should look like.  Indeed, designing such models to augment AR products and items isn’t a simple task. That’s why companies are always on the … Read More

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Augmented Reality in Education: A Peek at the Future EdTech Trend

Gone are the days when classes were confined to classrooms and blackboards. The digital revolution has introduced a new industry called EdTech that leverages hi-tech academic solutions. One such hi-tech trend in the Education Technology (EdTech) sector is augmented reality … Read More

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Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications 

If you feel that your company needs a boost in productivity, AR can prove one of the perfect solutions. This tech can superimpose real-time data as per various requirements of an organization. The augmented and virtual reality market can reach nearly … Read More

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AR in Healthcare

With each passing day, technology becomes exceptionally advanced. Consider the case of augmented reality (AR). AR enables users to see relevant information digitally in the existing environment. This ease of visualization is now applicable to important sectors like healthcare.  The … Read More

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Integrate Augmented Reality into Your Ecommerce Business 

After launching your E-commerce store successfully, there’s one aspect that needs constant addressing. Augmented Reality in E-commerce Business is one factor that boosts your sales is ‘upgradation.’  How to upgrade? The simple answer to this question is – by using … Read More

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Future of Augmented Reality

Future of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality has been trending lately and for good reasons. With the breakthroughs made in AR technology in the past 5 years, it has now become possible to rethink many of our personal and professional life … Read More

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Getting Started with WebAR

What is WebAR? WebAR is the term given to the technology which enables Augmented Reality on Web Browsers. Using WebAR,  developers can show 3D models on websites just like they display images. This can be a single image like a … Read More

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AR Board Game – How to build AR App in Flutter

AR Board Game This blog post explains certain components that are required to build an AR Board Game in Flutter for the iOS platform. Why Flutter Flutter has become one of the most popular choices for mobile app development that … Read More

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