AR Sholo Guti16

Sholo Guti 16

AR Board Game

 Sholo Guti 16 is a 2 player board game that originated in Asia. At a high level, each player has 16 soldiers and the player who captures all 16 soldiers first wins. 

To learn more about it, here is the Wikipedia link. Sixteen Soldier 

Rules of the Game

  1. Players alternate their turns.

  2. A player may only use one of their pieces in a turn and must either make a move or perform a capture but not both.

  3. A piece may move onto any vacant adjacent point along a line.

  4. A piece may capture an opposing piece by the short leap as in draughts or Alquerque. The piece must be adjacent to the opposing piece, and leap over it onto a vacant point immediately beyond. The leap must be in a straight line and follow the pattern on the board.

  5. The player who captures all of the other player’s pieces wins.

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Do you want to learn how the AR-based Sholo guti-16 game is developed?

Click here for detail step-by-step development process.

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