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Make My Apparel


Marketplace for Designers & Vendors Custom design dashboard included


  • 3D & AR Ready
  • Simplified & clear design for best visibility of products.
  • Optimized server for faster response times.
  • Real time order tracking notification system.
  • Dynamic Pricing and discount rules.
  • Support multiple payment gateways.
  • Responsive UI to target mobile devices.
  • Built in analytics support with SEO optimization.
  • Digital marketing to build the business brand.

3D & AR Preview

  • Using latest technologies, add the ability to view 3D models on your product page.
  • Bring offline experience online by giving your customers a 3D preview of your product.

Custom Design Dashboard

  • Personalized dashboard to upload customer designs.
  • Tweak existing templates to your needs.
  • Support variety of products from multiple vendors

Designers & Vendors Marketplace

  • Vendors submit products which support custom printing such as Mugs, T-shirts, Bottles.
  • Designers create their designs on products.
  • Designers get their own custom shop page to highlight their designs.
  • Vendors & Designers earn commission by leveraging the customer base of a branded platform.
  • Customers benefit as they get latest trendy designs on their products, apparels to suite their style.

Mobile App (Android and iPhone)

As we notice continuous growth in shopping on mobile devices, having a mobile application can boost your sales by many fold. Build iPhone and Android application using latest Flutter technology. Generate more conversions and increase your revenue.

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