Monty Hall Simulation in Flutter

Monty Hall Game Simulation

A Flutter Application​

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Web Version

Monty Hall Probability Android App

Android Version

Intro to Flutter

Flutter is one of the most popular frameworks in todays world. It is a project by Google which aims to build an SDK that can work cross platform. Even though Flutter is known to build mobile applications, however it also supports desktop platforms. Flutter is built using Dart Language and its capabilities have continued to amaze us at BitBute. Currently it supports the following platforms: windows, iOS,android and macOS.

Learn more about Flutter from the official website.


This application was created to simulate the Monty Hall Game and plot a chart to validate the well-known fact that changing the answer increases winning chances to 66.66%.

This has been covered in-depth in our article here.

Monty Hall Probability Simulation


Since Flutter supports multiple platforms, we published the web version of his application on our GitHub Page of the organisation. 

Full Demo Here

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