No Mouse Wheel Zoom

No Mouse Wheel Zoom

Browser extension to block Ctrl + Scroll zoom


What a relieve!!!

Just works - after restarting Chrome.

Chrome adding more and more of such painful "features" that can't be disabled (I know this one is an old one, but they are continually adding such crap). I was already considering using another browser after buying a new mouse where the wheel is rotating without resistance.

Every time after scrolling to the top or bottom fast and then pressing `Ctrl` (for opening a new tab using Ctrl+t for example) Chrome changed the zoom for all tabs of this domain and I had to press Ctrl+0 to get it back to normal.

Now I can enjoy the fast wheel of my new mouse.

Günter Zöchbauer

Totally worth it, delivers what it promises.

I work on a laptop and I often accidentally zoom in/out on a page while trying to press ctrl+tab to switch browser tabs while swiping on my trackpad. It was a major nuisance before I found a fix, I am surprised there's no other extension like this. Thanks.


I never review anything, but Ive been searching for hours on how to disable this very stupid feature that windows/google incorporated into the code. This should be an add on with everyone using keyboard shortcuts, theres no easy way to disable it, but this worked perfectly. THank you sir, you are a life saver!

Farrukh Ansari

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