Sholo Guti

AR Sholo Guti16

Sholo Guti 16 AR Board Game Sholo Guti 16 is a 2 player board game that originated in Asia. At a high level, each player has 16 soldiers and the player who captures all 16 soldiers first wins. To learn … Read More

PNL ( Profit & Loss )

PNL ( Profit & Loss ) PNL is  a business accounting and employee management app available on android and ios. Users can create sale invoices, expenses, track product inventory, manage  employees salary and attendance. Features

Monty Hall Simulation in Flutter

Monty Hall Game Simulation A Flutter Application​ Web Demo Web Version Android Version Intro to Flutter Flutter is one of the most popular frameworks in todays world. It is a project by Google which aims to build an SDK that can … Read More

Make My Apparel

MAKE MY APPAREL Marketplace for Designers & Vendors Custom design dashboard included Shop Design E-commerce 3D & AR Ready Simplified & clear design for best visibility of products. Optimized server for faster response times. Real time order tracking notification system. … Read More