Laravel + React

Laravel + React: A Powerhouse Combination for Modern Web Development

The field of web development has advanced significantly over time. With the development of new technologies and the expansion of the internet, there is a huge increase in demand for cutting-edge, dynamic web apps. Developers are using a range of … Read More

Sholo Guti

AR Board Game – How to build AR App in Flutter

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Top Common Mistakes in JavaScript

Working with industry veterans and beginners, I decided to share some of the most common mistakes made in JavaScript. Using Global Variables The road to programming hell is paved with global variables,― Steve McConnell, Code Complete Using global variables is considered bad … Read More


Guidelines to writing robust and maintainable software

Writing good software is often more challenging than new developers think. It is not always clear what to keep in mind when writing a code. There are also few common issues that I have found new developers making in my … Read More

Software Testing Life Cycle with QA

Testing is not just limited to find bugs but has a wider scope. Since testing is also standardized as of development it too had a life cycle: Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). QA has an equal role as of developer or … Read More